Writers Guild of America


The Guild distributes residuals and other MBA payments (such as character payments or settlements of legal claims) to writers and their heirs. A small percentage of the payments are returned to the Guild unclaimed. The Guild makes every effort to locate the lawful recipient, and until it does so holds the money in an Undeliverable Funds trust account This website allows you to search the list of individuals for whom the Guild is holding funds.

Note: This list does not include funds collected as part of the Guild’s Foreign Levies program, which has its own website that may be reached by clicking here.

Search Instructions:
In the search boxes below, enter the name of the writer. Name searches may use a '*' as a wildcard character. Examples:

  • Apple* - matches anything that starts with "Apple".
  • *Apple - matches anything that ends with "Apple".
  • *Apple* - matches anything that contains "Apple".

The system will display all matches. If you wish to claim any of the displayed projects, you may print a claim form and mail it, along with the necessary documentation, to the Department of Undeliverable Funds for processing. Be advised that the list is continually updated and new names are added each month. If you have questions, you may also contact us by phone at 323-782-4869, or by e-mail by clicking here.


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