Politics & Public Policy

Former WGAW President Chris Keyser testifies before the Senate against the proposed AT&T and DirecTV.

The Killing executive producer Veena Sud and FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

The Shield creator Shawn Ryan speaks to the Senate on the future of video marketplace.
The WGAW’s Political Department advocates on public policy issues of direct concern to writers and the Guild and also oversees contributions to the WGAW PAC. Our goal is to educate and organize broad support among WGAW members and provide Guild members with access to elected representatives and other government officials. We foster member participation in the political process, including testifying before legislative and regulatory bodies, writing op-eds, blogs, articles and letters to elected officials in order to influence opinion and public policy. Working with coalition partners our goal is to enhance the WGAW’s independent voice on behalf of our writers/members.

Net Neutrality
Keep the Internet free from corporate gatekeepers and open to anyone interested in distributing legal content.

Media Consolidation
Prevent further corporate concentration of the country’s media, and, when possible, work to repeal detrimental decisions made by previous legislative and regulatory bodies.

Health Benefits, Pension Protection and Other Labor Rights
Ensuring fair treatment for labor-management benefit plans and fair procedures for workers who wish to form and join unions for the purpose collective bargaining.

Independent Production
Open up distribution so that independent producers can thrive again in the entertainment industry.

Piracy Prevention and Copyright Protection
Defend copyright protection and support efforts to eliminate piracy, through graduated response and enforcement regime.


The Killing's Veena Sud addresses the FCC prior to historic vote to preserve the open Internet

Congressman Tony Cardenas announces his opposition to the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

Shield Creator Shawn Ryan Testifies to Senate on Future of Video Marketplace

WGAW President Chris Keyser testifies before Senate opposing AT&T/DirecTV merger

Why the Charter–Time Warner Cable Merger is a Bad Deal

The Fight for an Open Internet
WGAW screenwriter tells the writer's side of the story at a Sacramento forum on net neutrality.

Political Action and Advocacy
With the future of net neutrality at stake and the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV mergers looming, the WGAW intensifies its work in Washington.


Chris Keyser
Howard Rodman
Carl Gottlieb
Marjorie David
Michael Oates Palmer
Janine Sherman Barrois
Elias Davis
Mike Chessler
Ashley Gable
David Young
Lesley Mackey

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Public Policy Filings
See a list of recent public policy filings submitted by the WGAW in support of the creative and economic interests of our members.

L.A. City Business Tax
Get info about the City of L.A.'s business tax and its creative artist exemption.