Why Organize?

What is the most effective way to improve your situation and win respect for your work? Organize!

Writers on non-Guild projects are too often denied industry-standard benefits such as health insurance, pension contributions, fair compensation and respect. Writers who work under WGA contracts receive these benefits and more.

Thousands of writers throughout the country give this union its strength. We’ve gained the respect of the industry and the support of the general public by fighting for and achieving strong, fair union contracts. With the support of the Writers Guild, you can join with your fellow writers and convince your employer you deserve the same.

Through the combined efforts of the WGAW Organizing Department staff and WGAW Caucus members, the Guild has improved the lives and careers of many writers by winning WGA contracts in animation, basic cable, game shows, independent film, new media, newswriting, nonfiction, reality television, and videogames.

Stand together with your fellow writers in an effective strategic campaign designed to win a Guild contract and get the compensation and benefits you deserve. It’s time to organize and become a member of the Writers Guild!

For information on how to get your work covered by a Guild contract, contact the WGAW Organizing Department at (323) 782-4511.